[thelist] Javascript Redux

Bill Creswell BillC at VanEerden.com
Tue Jul 22 10:39:55 CDT 2003

Depends on what you use.I use ASP
Document.write "<script language=javascript>" & vbcrlf
..code to get variable from server...
Document.write "Var1=" & variablefromserver & vbcrlf
Document.write "</script>" & vbcrlf

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Instead of trying to work with the chunk of code I posted earlier, I found 
a different script, which is working nicely in all browsers, without much 
messing around needed.

However, I now have a different query. How can I load data into a variable 
in a javascript from a server? This can be taken from a database, an XML 
file, a plain text file, or from another .js file - as long as it gets 
there, I'm not picky.

Any suggestions? layer.load() seems like it would be ideal, if it wasn't 
confined to working only in Netscape 4...


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