[thelist] ASP For Each...Next problem

Wade Armstrong wade_lists at runstrong.com
Tue Jul 22 13:24:57 CDT 2003

on 7/22/03 8:44 AM, Michael Robertson at mike at mikeemedia.com wrote:

> I'm trying to loop through 2 arrays filled with dates to find out if any of
> the dates in said arrays are the same. This is latest thing I've tried and
> it seems like it should work but i get  a type mismatch on the second For
> each line.
> For Each FormDate In ArrFormDate
> For Each CurrDate In ArrCurrentDates(0,FormDate)
>  If ArrFormDate(FormDate) = ArrCurrentDates(0,CurrDate) Then
>   blnIsSame = True
>  End If
>  If blnIsSame = True Then
>   Exit For
>  End If
> Next
> Next
> ArrCurrentDates  is populated like so:
> ArrCurrentDates = RS.GetRows()
> ArrFormDate like:
> strFormDate = Request.Form("Date")
> ArrFormDate = Split(strFormDate,",")

You usually iterate through arrays using a construct like:

Dim I
If isArray(array) Then
    For i = LBound(array, dimension) To UBound(array, dimension)
End If

The For Each construction is usually used with collections, like

I think it has something to do with the values of an array being ordered,
and the values of a collection being unordered.


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