[thelist] xhtml vs html

Paul Bennett paul at teltest.com
Tue Jul 22 20:55:31 CDT 2003

I was all happy and feeling good about myself coding merrily away in 
xhtml strict when I read this (referenced from one of .jeffs posts I 
"Sending xhtml as text/html is bad"
 Now I am having difficulty sleeping and when coworkers question my 
dogmatic adherence to web and accessibility standards I have lost some 
of the religious zeal I once had in expounding upon their virtues (the 
standards, not my coworkers).

I wonder if the big brains on the list can offer their knowledge:
(1) Why would the w3c propose xhtml as the-next-big-thing(tm) if mr 
hixie claims it is so nasty sent as html
(2) Are his claims valid? - IE (as in "for example", not "Internet 
Explorer") , would the carnage he implies actually ensue if / when xhtml 
is sent as xhtml/xml?
(3) If the w3c don't know what is going on, who does?
(4) Are sleeping pills the answer?

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