[thelist] Which Linux?

Hershel Robinson hershelr at netvision.net.il
Wed Jul 23 06:41:06 CDT 2003

I am interested in advice from evolters about which Linux distro would be
best for a web developer like myself. To avoid wasting bandwidth and because
this may not be germane for many readers, I have summarized what I am
looking for here:


Any suggestions are very much appreciated.

<tip type="Health in the Workplace" author="Hershel Robinson">
Stand up and walk around for a moment every hour. Really. It's a small thing
but it can make a tremendous difference. Last I read, 90% of US white collar
workers suffer from lower back pain at least once a year. Most of this is
preventable with, well, prevention.

Stand up, walk around, stretch if possible; close your eyes for a moment and
look out the window at something distant--your eyes are also operated by
muscles and they need to rest.

The minute you spend may well save you time later, if not even today--many
users of these methods report that it helps them to perform better on the

Thank you,

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