[thelist] favicon weirdness

holmegm at comcast.net holmegm at comcast.net
Wed Jul 23 06:55:04 CDT 2003

Keith <cache at dowebscentral.com> wrote:

>So what if it doesn't run in some cult browser or on somebody's home grown 
>operating system?

Well, as long as we're going to keep this rational ;)

My "cult" browser (Mozilla) stops all popups, builtin, no need to run an
add-on product.  It blocks images from servers that I choose (like
ads.doubleclick.net).  It has tabbed browsing.  It's free, doesn't make me
accept obnoxious EULAs, and doesn't need to be updated every 5 minutes for
security reasons.

I happen to run it on Windows, so I don't meet your second insult's
criterion.  But whatever you put on the web, presumably because you want it
to get read, used, etc., won't be read by me if it doesn't work in my "cult"

Greg Holmes

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