[thelist] Which Linux?

Joel Konkle-Parker jjk3 at msstate.edu
Wed Jul 23 15:56:37 CDT 2003

> > I am interested in advice from evolters about which Linux distro would
> be
> > best for a web developer like myself. To avoid wasting bandwidth and
> because
> > this may not be germane for many readers, I have summarized what I
> am
> Learn with Red Hat or Mandrake (or even SuSE) and when you feel
> totally
> frustrated move to Debian. 

I second the Debian recommendation. As was stated, it's not the easiest to 
install. The benefit is a relatively transparent system to toy with (since 
you're a developer), a rock-solid and easy-to-use package management system, a 
low low price (completely free, they don't even try to get you to pay for 
anything, save donations of your time to improving the system), and a simple 
update process. The Stable release includes software that will run wonderfully 
on your old system. Again, the real bear about Debian is the installation 
system, but if you're prepared (know your hardware!) and have a good 
installation guide, you're golden.

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