[thelist] in-principle, PHP/mySQL shopping basket question

Hassan Schroeder hassan at webtuitive.com
Wed Jul 23 15:56:56 CDT 2003

Chris W. Parker wrote:

> But Java isn't an interpreted language is it? What I mean by that is,
> isn't it a bit more powerful than a regular scripting language such as
> PHP or ASP? Can't it just sit around in the background and wait for
> something to happen?

Uh, well. It's actually a function of the session management in the
servlet container (say, Tomcat). If PHP has session timeouts, then
I'd think there must be *something* running as a background process
to keep track. But maybe not. Interesting question.

>><example_code origin="another homebrewed shopping cart">
> Don't dis the homebrew man! ;)

Not me! I almost always go "build" when it's "build versus buy" :-)

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