[thelist] CF: Error initialising Java?

Aaron Johnson lists at cephas.net
Wed Jul 23 21:41:06 CDT 2003

hi Frank,

> I'm having a hard time getting my Java based CFX tags to start
> up. I've got
> them placed in several locations, one of them being
> "/opt/coldfusion/Java/classes". I'm quite sure that the CFX tags are
> correctly defined in the CFX section. Using CF 4.5.1sp2/Linux
> I know the tags work under windows, and being java, I assume that they
> should be platform independent, and further, the authors claim
> that this is
> so as well.
> The JVM library could not be found. Please check if the file specified in
> the ColdFusion Administrator actually exists
 -- From this url:
&forumid=14, what is the JAVA_HOME setting for CF?



Aaron Johnson
ajohnson at cephas.net

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