[thelist] CSS: left nav and content area colours not filling to footer

Sarah poohbear at designshift.com
Thu Jul 24 08:53:52 CDT 2003

>>Basically, I want a layout with a header, left navigation area, content 
>>area, and a footer. Each of these areas may have a different background 
>>colour (haven't decided yet). The problem is that the background colours
>Put a container around navigation, content and footer.
>Give it the backgroundcolor of the content and a backgroundimage with the 
>color and width of the navigation.
>The backgroundimage should only repeat verticaly.

This is a good suggestion, and something I have used before, but I was 
really hoping I could get this to work purely with CSS. This would mean 
being able to alter the style of my site without having to create or edit 
any images. However, I do realize that this may not be possible. If no 
other suggestions are made then I will definitely use this idea.


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