[thelist] NN4.x and IE4.x

rudy rudy937 at rogers.com
Thu Jul 24 17:32:16 CDT 2003

> I would like to hear your rant on "classitis" and "css hacks"

thanks, i think   ;o)

"classitis" is using a class where you don't have to

i think that's all i want to say about that, seeing how much trouble i had
explaining how extraneous and superfluous DIVs are to be avoided

"css hacks" are techniques which take advantage of certain foibles,
peccadilloes, weaknesses and shortcomings of various browsers, in
order to achieve something that otherwise would be difficult or impossible,
for example, the same pixel-perfect layout in all browsers, taking into
consideration their various interpretations of the box model, support for
css2 and css3 properties, etc.

i dislike css hacks, and the only one i've ever used is  @import

css hacks make a site difficult to modify -- if you are not intimately
familiar with all the hacks used on the site, you daren't touch anything,
lest it all fall down

i mean, consider this --

   <style type="text/css">
     p.attention { background:yellow }
     i {content:"\"/*"}
     p.attention { background:lime }

what's a maintenance developer going to do with that, other than potentially
mess it up?

note that "maintenance developer" includes yourself, a few months down the
road after you've forgotten what you wrote and why...

besides, needing to use a css hack is symptomatic of a deeper problem, which
is usually the (often misguided) desire to make things look "the same" in
all browsers


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