[thelist] Hiveware email address encoder

bruce bedouglas at earthlink.net
Thu Jul 24 22:30:21 CDT 2003

yeah... but we'd have the bigger war chest!!!!

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Just wait till the spammers put a bounty on people who suggest these types
of assassination schemes. :-)
It's a slippery slope that you don't want to start down.


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: so here you go...
: a rather draconian solution for spam....
: since we all agree the issue really isn't whatever form an email address
: might be in on a particular site....
: we all..i think...agree that the real issue is/are the #$%$&%&% who do
: spam...
: we set up a bounty on the spammers...
: i figure $10.00 from a bunch of people will generate a $10-20Million in no
: time...
: we'll work the deatils out as we go... a spammer only sends spam to make
: (or rubles!!)
: we follow the $$$..it always leaves a trail... we figure out where the
: credit card goes if someone gets a larger penis/bigger boobs...!!!
: we then decide how much out of the bounty pool goes to the person who
: the person who runs the company that produced the spam....
: we only need to do it a couple of times....it'll make the news... we'll be
: heros!! spammers will stop..it's not worth their dying!!!
: comments/criticsms welcome!!!

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