[thelist] The Spam Argument [long] (was: Hiveware email address encoder)

Drew Shiel ashiel at sportsinteraction.com
Fri Jul 25 05:50:22 CDT 2003

At 02:23 25/07/2003 -0400, Frank wrote:

>She says: I'm simply making use of the ability to communicate with people. 
>I don't scour the net for emails, I'm handed lists by people who have 
>signed up for service X. I'm simply using a strategy that has worked since 
>the beginning of human kind: I'm making people stand up and notice. Who 
>are you to tell me that I don't have the right to communicate with another 
>My communications are costing exactly the same amount as any other email.

   Small businesses run on goodwill as much as money. For every customer 
your friend gains by this method, she's losing dozens. Sooner or later, 
this is going to take a toll.

   And while I'm happy to pay that fraction of a cent / couple of seconds 
of time to a mail from a friend or a list I subscribe to, I am unhappy 
about having that money/time stolen by spammers. That's definitely not 


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