[thelist] The Spam Argument [long] (was: Hiveware email address encoder)

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a guy at school sells your kid drugs...

do you arrest the kid...

or do you listen when the kid says ..hey..the guy in mexico got me the
drugs..he's the one responsible....

you nail your friend.... if she wants out of the charge...she gives up the
guy who asked her to do it.. at best.. he's charged with trying to get
someone to commit a crime...

this of course assumes that spamming was illegal..and not just damm rude!!!

another note... can't really decide if some of the people who spam really
know what they're doing... i mean you've got to have a whole lot of people
who have tuned out the penis enlargement cream!!.. i'd like to know if
they've ever sold any of it.. i can see the occasional person buying the
norton security software....


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At 11:50 AM 2003-07-25 +0100, you wrote:
>   Small businesses run on goodwill as much as money. For every customer
> your friend gains by this method, she's losing dozens. Sooner or later,
> this is going to take a toll.

You miss the point. Who is the spammer?She, who merely sends the email, or
They who pay her for it, or They who make it profitable for those who spam?
She's not losing *any* business, she's fishing. She expects a return of 1
to 750,000, and loses exactly zero if she pisses people off. Imagine that.
And if she gets it, she's paid  bonus the company who hired her to begin
with.... because the spam worked, and someone made it profitable for
someone to do so.

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