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Quality of product and the best customer service humanly possible will
take your company and product farther than spam.

Another angle on the argument of arrest or prosecute the spammer rather
than the company who hired the spammer... reminds me of the latest news
in the music industry.  Why arrest and prosecute those individuals who
download music... and not go after every person or company who made the
file sharing or file sharing software which makes it possible?  You only
hear about the intimidation tactics used on college students, 11yr olds,
and parents of the kids being charged.  You don't hear about those
making the downloading possible being arrested or forced to remove the
file sharing product off the market.

Even if music downloading options are removed, I would not purchase a
cd, cassette or album released by any record company who uses these
tactics.  They are shooting themselves in the foot... at least from this
consumer's point of view ( which in this day and age ... means nothing,
really. )

 - d  

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> She does have a cost-of-contact. It's just a lower price than TV. But
> fundamental tenet of marketing is "Someone doesn't know about you/your

> service" bring it to their attention." In a society where competition
> ruthless and vicious, some might say that UCE is the little guy's 
> equaliser, it's the only way that Jane Doe can sell her snowman
> candles when Walmart is everywhere.

Or stop stooping to their levels and get people to buy because there's a
real human element, with a quality, handmade product that's really worth
the money.

The only way to truly beat the big-name marketers is to just out-do
them.  Better quality, better contact, and eventually, they will have to
raise quality or quit.  Wouldn't that be nice?


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