[thelist] The Spam Argument

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>>(I've yet to receive an email 
saying "F*ck you! You suck! Give me your money, goof!")

most of the content of the spam I get seems to scream that same remark,
just in a more tactful way.

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>Another angle on the argument of arrest or prosecute the spammer rather
>than the company who hired the spammer...

Under what charge? It's not illegal to send unsolicited commercial email
it's honest in every respect, any more than some guy trying to pick you
at a bar. A nuisance perhaps, but what charge and penalty do you assign?

Jail time for a single mother of two successfully raising healthy
Again, I see that "us vs them" attitude, and it still won't solve the 
fundamental issues-- that people will do what it takes to survive
the system is set up so.

I see only one solution, and that starts with the consumer, not the 
marketer trying to get their message out, no matter how much of a
they might make of themselves. (Most) marketers aren't stupid they don't

waste their time on things that don't work. (I've yet to receive an
saying "F*ck you! You suck! Give me your money, goof!")

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