[thelist] The Spam Argument [long] (was: Hiveware email address encoder)

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At 09:29 AM 2003-07-25 -0700, you wrote:
>Because it is not explicitly prohibited, nor is the cost visible, spam

I can appreciate that, but then again, you're subscribing to the same 
tactic that has failed since the beginning- you are attempting to make 
someone stop something that is of benefit to them.  Even the Roman Catholic 
Church can't keep their priest celibate. People will do what they will do 
because they perceive it to be to their benefit.

>Because so little is spent on email education in the web community,
>political engagement on any level is virtually nil, and folks who promote,
>engage and actively participate in spam knowing full well that it is pissing
>folks off and don't care, are these really the folks you want slamming the
>door on your ability to make a living? Because that is exactly what they are

I don't agree at all. Example

As annoying as UCE is to me, I don't lose money over it, just patience.

>The only methodology that will work is source reduction.

I agree.

>Block the IP
>addresses where this stuff is coming from. With IP masking, forged headers,
>and open relays the short term prognosis is dim, but over the long haul, it
>can be eliminated. Your ISP can be brought into the equation by voting with
>your pocketbook.

>One we raise the cost of spam to the point that there is no profit to be
>had, we can get back to the business of webdesign.

I don't agree at all. Again, you are trying to stop people who have a 
vested interest in gaining the benefits from their activities. Why does no 
one ever assign responsibility to the correct people: those who support 
spammer by buying their product? When men stop paying porn sites, and women 
stop frequenting dating sites based on spam campaigns, then we'll have some 
effect. The problem is not someone sending you an email. The problem is 
human nature-impulsive, undisciplined and unreasoning makes it so that 
sending you mail is worthwhile.

Spam exists, because it works. It's all too Darwinian. To kill it off, we 
have to alter the environment that it lives by removing its source of food, 
rather than hunting down the individuals. Right now, it's merely adapting. 
And I don't think it'll ever stop.

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