[thelist] Image maps

Kristof Neirynck k.neirynck at belgacom.net
Sat Jul 26 13:04:43 CDT 2003

>>From: Kristof Neirynck
>><area ... onfocus="if(this.blur){this.blur();}" ...>
> and absolutely inaccessible for keyboard users.
> http://evolt.jeffhowden.com/jeff/code/link_accessibility_usability.cfm
> seriously folks, if your design is *so* precious that you have to shortcut
> accessibility/usability aids in the browser, it's time for you to get a new
> f*cking job.

Sorry Jeff,

You are right about the accessibility issues.
And you are right about this being more accessible:
<area ... onmouseup="if(this.blur){this.blur();}" ...>

I just wrote what first came to my mind.


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