[thelist] would-be linux desktop user

pete pete at vex.net
Sun Jul 27 21:31:20 CDT 2003

I am a long term windows developer that ultimately would like to jump ship
and work in a LAMP world. However, my primary client employs me to
maintain a complex platform solution that involves many proprietary
windows technologies. That said, I have been taking stock of what I
actually use that is windows dependant, and there are really two
applications that keep me in win32 world:

Microsoft SQL Enterprise Manager
Allaire Homesite 5.0

with the obvious runner up, MS IE 6.0 being something that is not so
easily replaced.

If there are applications that can mimic the functionality of these
programs, I could probably use a linux desktop as my primary environment.

There are lots of programs that can connect to an MS-SQL database and do
basic things like adding tables, but I have yet to see anything that
allows access to scheduling, backups, transaction packages, and

Likewise, Homesite is the best coding environment I've ever encountered,
and I've tried most of them. Among other things, it has really good FTP
integration, a well thought out user interface, and powerful site wide
search and replace.

Are there any other evolters out there that develop for the ms platform
while running linux/bsd?


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