[thelist] rentacoder.com

Tony Crockford tonyc at boldfish.co.uk
Mon Jul 28 06:57:39 CDT 2003

> I don't know what this means as far as coding work goes
> for those of us in countries where $5 an hour won't pay
> for anything.
> Nan

There are only a few possibilities:

* Taxation on services imported electronically (an end to the free

* Global parity on cost of living (eventually, but likely not in my

* Gradual narrowing of the differential when the $5ph market is
saturated (I've seen Indian software companies seeking staff in the UK!)

* Gradual education of buyers regarding hidden costs of overseas
development work (such as you have identified)

* a mass movement of locally skilled workforce to either: - somewhere
where $5 per hour buys a lot, or: another trade.  (I hear plumbers get
paid well and are in short supply!)


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