[thelist] Downloading a whole site

Kath H thekat at cyber-kat.com
Mon Jul 28 10:09:38 CDT 2003

> Favourite tool for downloading a whole site?
I like Web Copier from MaximSoft - http://www.maximumsoft.com/

The web site I work on is 50% dynamic and sometimes I need to put a copy
on a CD for the sales reps.  This tool makes a copy of all the dynamic
pages with the data filled in, then sets up links to the pages as well.

I sometimes have to tweak it abit, but mostly it works just fine.

There is a free trial version and the main version is just $30.  It's
available for PC and Mac.

I have no affiliation with this company - I'm just a happy user.

-- Kath
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