[thelist] Site now live; Need Quick Mac and IE5x checks; Have one strange NS4x problem (PCI site)

James Parsons jp at batworks.com
Mon Jul 28 13:52:38 CDT 2003

Pat Meeks asks...

>The site had to go live this weekend so I did not have time to do a sample
>page for a final Mac and IE 5x check. I think I got rid of the Mac and IE 5x
>main menu problems during the template check, but I can't be certain.
>Mac and IE5x:
>Please mouse over or click on the two top menu rows and see if anything
>strange happens, like jumping text or rows separating. If you happen to see
>anything really strange in the foot section, let me know. BrowserCAM only
>shoots above the fold.
>NS4x Problem:
>In the upper right corner, right under the " GO " search button, there is
>one of those boxes appearing (as if the character is supposed to be there
>but it's not included in your font family). I can't figure out what is
>causing this nor how to get rid of it. It only appears in NS4x, and it puts
>an extra space in the header. If anyone knows how to fix it, I'd appreciate
>BrowserCAM shows that most browsers show things pretty much the same, so
>it's the menus that I'm concerned about. I know that there is a strange
>problem in NN6.2 and have decided to let it go. It's not real pretty in
>NS4x, but it functions. If you think it looks too bad in NS4x, let me know.
>I used some tables just to support NS4x for another year and tried to move
>as much to CSS as I could (but I'm still learning - I'll be working on
>refining the CSS as an ongoing project).
>I must still go back and add more accessibility, and I need to add the
>active and focus states, etc. but for now, I just need to know if works on
>Mac and IE5x .... and I really, really need some sleep.
>Many, many thanks for all the help. Pat

I'm not seeing any issues on either IE 5.1.6 or Netscape 4.08 for Mac. The
specific NX4x problem you're talking about doesn't seem to exist. Where
you're using the string "  » " you see a little gray
rectangle in NS 4.08 rather than a red double arrow/bracket/quote sign,
">>". NS 4.08 seems to render it  this way whether you code a double arrow
sign with » or using the ISO entity,  ».
This, on my stuff, I don't sweat. It's still serving an accessibility
function by separating links with something other than whitespace.


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