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Tom.. (and others)...

I agree with what you've been saying... And I also agree that it's getting
harder... I've been doing software for 20 years....

But.. as I stated, the quality/price is acceptable for smaller issues... And
as the guys doing the work get more comfortable with what the customer
wants... a couple of things will happen... the guys doing the work will
start to move up the chain... and they might raise their prices..or they
might convince the customer that based upon their previous work.. they can
do the more complex higher valued apps...

Here again.. I tend to agree with your earlier post... that really sensitive
apps will stay close to home.. but more will move away... I'm not sure as to
where the aquilibrium will be when it's all said and done...

Also, don't worry about the length of the posts... A well thought out,
reasonably articulated post is going to take some time!!!!!


bedouglas at earthlink.net

ps. also, keep in mind that the guys you work with who are good.. are
soaking up knowledge.. that if they return to their native land, and work
for someone there, will be passed on to there peers, further hastening the
rise in their quality of work/process..... !!!

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> Think about it for a sec... the affect of
> Linux/Apache/Perl/PHp/etc... could
> easily have started in India.. and these have had major
> ramifications on the software biz...

At some point you have to talk about which roles are being affected
too - some more than others.

I'm primarily a UI person. I work with front end technologies usually
when I contract, although with some jobs I do the whole shot
including the db - but those are much smaller jobs.

I was just staffed on an enterprise level project for Sapient a
couple months ago. There were 4 site developers involved in the
project - all from the local area or Sapient US folks (site developer
being "front end" people).

On the other hand, the back end folks, the JSP and Java people, were
50% or more people here on work visas - India, Russian, etc. The QA
people were 90% US. There is a definite difference in roles and how
this affects you.

You could probably break it up a bit more and probably others have
experiences along my comment.

I also agree with the statement made by another poster that left on
their own, foriegn teams present diminishing returns due to
cultural/language differences among other issues. One issue is that
often these people work not only for low rates, but horrific hours.
This degrades their work, and I have seen this first hand. And I have
had the problem of properly communicating with foriegn workers first
hand as well, that adds time to the process and sometimes makes for
mistakes that have to be gone back and fixed.

And like someone said, it's not a pair of sneakers you are fixing - a
mistake in the right place can really cost you!



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