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The American companies that are sending their dollars out of the country
for "cheaper" work are going to find that it was in fact, much more
expensive, for they will be undermined when there is no one left in
America who can buy their products.  Those who did the work for so cheap
will not be their customers.

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> --- bruce <bedouglas at earthlink.net> wrote:
> > I recall that there used to be rows of guys doing drafting
> > work in certain companies, Cad-Cam applications ripped that 
> > profession to shreds... While the draftsman complained, technology 
> > continued!!!
> Bruce, I think you have the wrong analogy here. We're not talking
> about different types or versions of tech. Here's whats happening:
> Draftsman #1: I'll produce your drawing in a month, for $750
> Draftsman #2: I'll product your drawing in a month, for $25
> THAT is the problem. They aren't doing anything *different*. It's not
> cad-cam vs. drafting. Its fee vs. fee. Mr #1 is in trouble if Mr. #2
> gets all the jobs.
> There are all kinds of side issues that go along with this issue, but
> it most assuredly is not an issue of technology. Nobody or nothing is
> ripping web/software development up, or even threatening it. The
> issue is available freelance/contract work and the rates it is sold
> at.
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