[thelist] Favourite email clients anyone?

Chris Johnston chris at fuzzylizard.com
Wed Jul 30 07:50:42 CDT 2003

> Hiya
> I'm about to make a decision on an email client, I've heard of Eudora and
> Pegasus Mail, and Outlook of course, any others I should be checking? I
> like open source so long as it's stable and full featured, but I'm running
> W98 atm.

For a great open source email client check out Mozilla Mail. I have been
using it for the past two years after ditching Outlook and I have never
missed a single feature. I also love the threaded view - it makes browsing
all the emails from thelist a whole lot easier. It even comes with its own
web browser.


Chris Johnston

chris at fuzzylizard.com

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