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David A. Ulevitch davidu at everydns.net
Thu Jul 31 16:19:28 CDT 2003

<quote who="David Kaufman">
> David A. Ulevitch <davidu at everydns.net> wrote:
>> [everydns.net] had a registrar problem the other day which could have
>> been way more serious than it was.  Afterwards however it got me
>> thinking...we would be MUCH safer if I had people use:
>> ns.everydns1.net
>> ns.everydns2.net
>> ns.everydns1.com
>> ns.everydns1.com
>> If [...] registered with different registrars, the diversity of
>> the registrars, the TLDs, and the multiple NS entries would be
>> *really* good [...] This method throws out good `glue` practice,
>> but by using third-party DNS you are doing that anyways so I
>> think I might just set it up.
>> thoughts?
> that sounds like an excellent way of doing it!
> but seriously.  geographic and (upstream network provider) redundancy
> would be nice as well.  David, isn't EveryDNS hosted in Hurricane
> Electric's colo facility on the west coast?  ...someone clued me in that
> HE also has a colo location in NYC not far from me...

We have one nameserver in HE's facility.  I have a couple other general
purpose servers there too.  I helped to start and currently run a large
non-profit colocation facility up there. (Where I have been trying to get
Evolt to move to for quite some time...)

Our other nameservers are in San Diego, Washington DC, and The Netherlands.


> -dave
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