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  Please email me off list so that I may forward you my resume.
Thank you,
Brett Stinson
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I need a motivated person(s) who can keep deadlines and is experienced in
some of the following technologies:  ASP 3.0 / ASP.Net, DTS, Javascript, VB
script, T-SQL, XML, CSS, SQL Server 2000, Dreamweaver MX,  Flash MX,

I have a client who's web applications are growing rapidly. We can't keep up
and have varying degrees of luck with other contractors, especially on the
dependability side. We get some tight deadlines and put in some long hours
but they are billable hours and those are hard to come by these days.

The apps are currently using Classic ASP/SQL Server2000. We may not be
migrating existing apps to .NET but new ones will most definately be heading
that way.

I don't expect to find some one who is a master of all this, and Flash is
probably the least in demand thing we have right now but that could change.
If I could find someone great at DHTML and client side stuff that would work
and someone else great at ASP that would be fine. For example I know I have
a project that will be mostly client side stuff heavy in Photoshop and
DHTML. And we do ASP/SQL stuff daily.

So if you're a pro looking for hours in any of the technologies listed, send
me a resume and examples of work to mike at mikeemedia.com. I'm in a small
market (Mid-Michigan) and can't afford to pay what some bigger city markets
may or may not be getting. I'm looking @ $25-30 an hour. Would also consider
letting people give a bid on what it would cost to do projects. By projects
sometimes I might mean fixing one page to fixing/building a section of a
site on up. For bigger projects they would be working with a team of people
and get assigned tasks.


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