[thelist] IE6 doesnt like spacer gifs?

Sam Richardson sam.richardson at outwide.co.nz
Mon Aug 4 00:12:21 CDT 2003

It's to do with the way it parses HTML. If you've installed any addons to IE
such as popup blocking software or the Google toolbar, that can intefere
with it and cause it to display the spacers incorrectly.

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> >Has anyone else ever seen this, where IE6 will sometimes display
> >"spacer.gif" images as broken, even though they definitely aren't? If
> you >right click them and select "load image" it shows up fine, but why
> should >you even have to do that if the image is definitely where it
> says it is?
> Interesting,
> I've actually started to see that happening more in the past few months.
> We definitely have some configurations in here that exhibit the problem,
> and some that never do.  Six months ago, the problem never happened --
> today it does, even on pages that haven't changed since then.
> I can't seem to narrow it down specifically to a version of IE or a
> version of the OS.  We've got it happening on machines ranging from 98
> to 2K and XP.  I've seen it on 5.5 and 6.0.   I've seen it on the same
> machine that was running 5.5 and upgraded to 6.0.  Both the before and
> after exhibited the same problem.
> A quick look at things shows the following:
> * Sometimes the images show up, more often they do not
> * If one spacer image shows up broken, they all do (other images are
> fine)
> * Running the browser through a proxy shows that the browser doesn't
> even REQUEST the image in the scenarios where the image shows up broken.
> * It has nothing to do with the name of the image, or its location
> relative to the root of the server.
> * It has nothing to do with the actual image itself.
> The only thing that seems to be consistent:  The problem only manifests
> itself when there are several instances of the same image on the page.
> If you only had one spacer image on your page, you most likely won't
> receive the broken image.  If you had ten or more, you probably will (if
> you have a browser that exhibits the behavior).
> I don't think this will help you really solve the problem, but at least
> you'll have an idea of where to start looking.
> If you figure anything out, I'd love to hear about it too.
> Roger
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