[thelist] Kids on the net

Alan McCoy a.r.mccoy at larc.nasa.gov
Mon Aug 4 08:08:58 CDT 2003

=> Absolutely great parenting skills put in place.

+1 to that, Dave!

As a programmer myself, I always take a keen interest in what my boys do
online. From providing in-house tech support (;-)) to sending them cool
science links from work, it's a shared interest that we can always
explore together. My eldest (9 y.o.) has even shown an interest in Flash
animation and game creation and loves checking out what's going on in
the Flash gaming world. ;-)

Of course, we've given them both the "net safety" talk and made sure
that they both know to check with us before exchanging email, filling
out forms, or chatting with anyone. At this point my main goal isn't
trying to catch them being bad on the net, but to prevent the bad from
getting to them.

All of your suggestions (all of you who responded) were great and I
think that since we use a router with built-in content filtering, I
might try that route first, especially since it's not something that's
installed on their PC that they could accidentally delete. Already, I've
set up separate login accounts for both of them. (for them, so they can
have their own desktop configs...for me, so that I can lock down
permissions to prevent them from downloading and installing stuff on
their own.)

Thanks again for the sage advice!


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