[thelist] PC Magazine: 21 Things You Need to Know

Rob Sylvan rsylvan at cdtmicrographics.com
Mon Aug 4 09:24:57 CDT 2003

Stuart Young wrote:
> Did anyone save a copy of this article about choosing a web host? It has now been deleted from the ZDNet website as being over 2 years old.
> PC Magazine: 21 Things You Need to Know
> Written by Bill Machrone, in the December issue of PC Magazine, this article gives 21 helpful hints about finding a web host.  It's very useful, so be sure to take the time to read through this. 
> Anyone got any good references for an article (suitable for students to read) about how to choose a web host?
> <tip type="archiving ZDNet web pages" author="Stuart Young">
> Always remember to save a copy of any useful article on ZDNet.com because they get deleted (or rather converted to premium access only) after two years.
> </tip>

Here's item 22 ... the wayback machine. ;-)



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