[thelist] site check - Our Hearts Entwine

Joel D Canfield joel at spinhead.com
Mon Aug 4 10:02:48 CDT 2003

> 1. Did a W3C validator check on the Home page (only) and you 
> need to close your <p> tag at line 85.

d'oh! see my last note about sending e-mail after you've been in the
margaritas. Guess who didn't bother with validation checking? more d'oh!

> 2. In your navigation, your title tag for About Us needs 
> correction; now reads ... title="link to Pricing 
> Information">About Us</a>

Yup; margaritas are my only excuse ;)

> 3. I'm getting a wee bit of horizontal scroll at 1024x768.

Odd. I'll check on that, but it should be good at that size. 

> >But if you have opinions about colors and fonts and such, feel free.
> It's a well-thought-out, easy-to-navigate site with a lovely 
> sentimental "feel" to it. I did, however, have difficulty 
> reading the text on each page as it's all uppercase and I 
> felt myself "picking my way through" each paragraph as I was 
> reading. Perhaps leave the <h2>s and "poem" class as is and 
> use another font (upper/lower case) for the "homepagetext" 
> class? And, same for successive pages.

Upper case? Where is that? It should all be normal sentence case except
some places where it's title case. Any chance you could send me a screen
capture of what you're seeing?

I would *never* use all caps on purpose, so I'm puzzled.

> And, congratulations to you and Sue on your own upcoming 
> wedding!! How exciting!!!

Thanks, Sharon. We're definitely excited :) Hope all is well with you
these days.


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