[thelist] Charging for copyrights

bruce bedouglas at earthlink.net
Mon Aug 4 12:04:35 CDT 2003

regarding copyrights....

if a client is resolute in stating in the contract that the
code/app/copyright becomes their property, would you sign the contract?

I'm curious are there more developers would sign or decline and loose the


Bruce Douglas
bedouglas at earthlink.net

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Norman MacLeod wrote:

> I think there's something a bit unethical about having a client hand
> over
> their graphics, photos, and content drafts, and then telling them that
> somehow you, as the web team, own their work.

What a strange thing to say.

Obviously the client still owns copyright of anything they pass to you
(assuming they own copyright themselves). Just because a client gives
you some source material to work with, doesn't meant that you suddenly
own copyright to it.

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