[thelist] Apache: Batch file with input?

Andrew Seguin asegu at borg.darktech.org
Mon Aug 4 13:33:06 CDT 2003

Well, I don't usually try such with batch (I am used to working from
command line, so I personally prefer a single line and then run)...

I don't have any experience at all at getting user input during
execution... (I don't think there is any simple thing like "%var% =
getUserInput") but I did find this site that seems to give an interesting
way to grab user input... unfortunately I don't have time to study how it
works, but here's the link... maybe you can get it to work for your needs:


good luck,

> At 01:00 PM 2003-08-04 -0400, you wrote:
>>But, if you can accept making a bath file that is called like:
>>c:\>htc.bat <directory> <username> <new password>
> Sorry, I'm new with .bat files, so perhaps my explanation isn't all that
> clear. The above is much closer, though I'm assuming that .bat files are
> like *nix shell script.

Note: DOS Batch is the same principle as *nix shell scripting, but the DOS
shell is much much weaker then a *nix shell and supports much less.


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