[thelist] quicktime 360 degree pictures filesize

Rob Smith rob.smith at THERMON.com
Mon Aug 4 16:53:52 CDT 2003


Their 200 x 300 is around 200 kb +/- 50kb. I don't think you want to take
360's of rooms, but products. See the spinning Louvre on the same page. I
did something similar a half a year ago, very similar o the spinning pyramid
idea for my home page. I placed the images in flash and did rollovers to
spin the object either direction. It looked pretty cool. 

I'm planning to make 360 degree rotational pictures/movies* for all
(most anyway) of the products on our site but before I do that I'd like
to get an idea of how large the files are going to be.


Can someone give me an idea of about how big a file like that would be?

I think you can buy accessories for the platform spinning idea that would
methodically rotate the object 15 degrees or so. You'd take pictures with a
stationary camera, combine those images. But I think what you're trying for
isn't QTVR; something else.

Anywho, I found what I did a half a year ago:

just hold the mouse over the left or right side to make the object spin
"that" way. The object makes up only 9 images (99kb) rotated 10 degrees at a
time, then repeated.

Hope this helps,


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