[thelist] quicktime 360 degree pictures filesize

Nelson Rodríguez-Peña Alarcón nelson at webstudio.cl
Mon Aug 4 16:54:51 CDT 2003

Chris W. Parker wrote:

> I'm planning to make 360 degree rotational pictures/movies* for all
> (most anyway) of the products on our site but before I do that I'd like
> to get an idea of how large the files are going to be.
> I'm thinking the average size will be approximately 200-300 x 200-300.
> That is to say, 200-300 pixels wide by 200-300 pixels tall. I'm also
> thinking 12-16 frames per picture. (Is that too few?)

12 frames is generally ok...

> Also assuming about 20-25% compression. 100% being the ugliest picture
> and 0% being the prettiest (or most handsome if you prefer) picture.

It all depends on the zooming you are expecting. If these are panoramic 
pictures, like landscapes or special sites, users may want to zoom in to 
get some details. If you are presenting 'objects' (rotated objects), 
zooming may not be that important, so you could compress more.

> I did a little googling on the subject but came up dry.

You could try looking in multimedia lists, try Direct-L, a Director 
list, I'm pretty sure the archives must have something. Google for 
'Direct-L director'

> Can someone give me an idea of about how big a file like that would be?

It all depends on size, frames and compression, as you have guessed... 
According to what you say, 500-1000 Kb should do it, again this is based 
on a lot of suppositions.

> * I don't know if that is the correct term, but these are not the
> panoramic pictures where it looks like you're standing in the center of
> a room and looking around. Instead it's the kind of picture you'd see in
> a used car commercial where the car is on a platform spinning around so
> that you can see all the sides without moving.

These a reffers to as *Objects*

Feel free to mail me off-list if you need some more pointers.


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