[thelist] quicktime 360 degree pictures filesize

Tony Crockford tonyc at boldfish.co.uk
Mon Aug 4 17:51:50 CDT 2003

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> Tony Crockford <mailto:tonyc at boldfish.co.uk>
>     on Monday, August 04, 2003 3:24 PM said:
> > I know you said Quicktime, but have you seen this:
> > http://www.duckware.com/goround/index.html
> > Goround by Duckware
> Looks pretty good.
> Here are two things I thought of:
> 1. Is it more likely for someone to view a GoRound file than it is for
> them to view a QTVR file? I want the widest audience to be
> able to view
> these. I suppose I could do both and give the user a choice as a last
> alternative.

Java should be enabled in the majority of browsers - QT needs a plug-in

> 2. It's not very usable. You have to click and drag your
> mouse which is
> fine. But it only turns the image about 90 degrees before it
> stops even
> though your mouse has about half a screen left to go. I wanted it to
> continuously turn the image until my mouse stopped moving.
> Anyway around
> that?

It spins by default at a selectable rate.

I guess it's the way you're using the mouse? try describing a circle
with the mouse - not left to right but round and round like a clock face
around the image.

also try the demo ones on the duckware site - they're much smaller and
also illustrate the scripting you can do that allows for one image
space, several images - (color ways, models etc - click the icons to the
right of the main image)

about half way down this page:

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