[thelist] IE6 doesnt like spacer gifs?

Sam Richardson sam.richardson at outwide.co.nz
Mon Aug 4 19:00:28 CDT 2003


I've locate the problem and the fix. Unfortunately it is primarily an IE6
SP1 bug and the fix involves uninstalling or at least deleting the registry
entries for third-party namespace handlers (details below). Third-party
namespace handlers are things like alternative FTP or download helpers, or
anything else other than IE6 that may get involved in handling the HTML.

I suffered from the same problem, do a search through your registry for
namespace handlers, remove any that are there and it should fix your

From: Saleh Igal (saleh at yahoo.com)
Subject: Solution: IE6 SP1 does not display small images

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Newsgroups: microsoft.public.windows.inetexplorer.ie6.browser
Date: 2003-01-17 13:54:40 PST

After installing Internet Explorer 6 SP1, there may be problems
displaying small images; only image placeholders will appear.

IE6 seems to have a bug regarding third-party namespace providers.
Some of the types of offending programs may be download managers,
personal security software, ftp clients, popup ad blockers, and so on.
 This fix may disable some functionality in those programs.

To make IE6 display small images again, delete the following registry
keys if they exist:

The only key that should exist under

From: Joe D. (jd68 at gmx.net)
Subject: Re: IE6 Won't Load All Image on Page
"As a follow-up, I did some research and found that this problem was
for others after they had installed the program Getright.  The fix was to
delete 2 registry keys that are left behind even after Getright is

 was able to cure the image loading problem by deleting the registry key
that FTP Voyager installs.

That key is:


I believe it is what integrates FTP Voyager to IE6 so FTP Voyager handles
download links that are clicked in the browser.  This is an unnecessary
feature and FTP Voyager can still be used without it."

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> sam,
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> > From: Sam Richardson
> >
> > It's to do with the way it parses HTML. If you've
> > installed any addons to IE such as popup blocking
> > software or the Google toolbar, that can intefere
> > with it and cause it to display the spacers
> > incorrectly.
> ><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><
> i can't fathom why installed software like this would (or could) alter the
> internal parsing engine to cause something like this.  would appreciate it
> if you could either substantiate your claim or label as pure speculation.
> thanks,
> .jeff
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