[thelist] IE5 testing and copyright question

Marc Seyon seyon at delime.com
Mon Aug 4 23:33:12 CDT 2003

Message from ted serbinski (8/4/2003 11:31 PM)
>Hi all, I've got 2 questions regarding my latest website.
>         http://www.martinmotorsportsinc.com/
>I've adjusted the CSS to work with IE5/5.5 I believe, but I can't confirm
>this. Can anyone test the site in IE5/5.5 and compare it to IE6 or Moz to
>make sure they look the same?

The text is significantly smaller between IE5.5 and Opera 7.0 (No Moz or 
IE6, sorry), but it is resizable so that should be a minor concern. At my 
default IE font size though, the copyright notice at the bottom is unreadable.

Other than that, the site does look the same.

>Also, I'm displaying some logos to other companies on the affilations page
>(per the client's request) and I'm wondering how I can word a phrase to put
>in the footer copyright about this, something like "Certain copyrights
>respective of their owners" or similar.

"All logos copyright their respective owners". I've also seen some sites 
which explicitly identify each logo and its owner.

If I'm not mistaken, your client also need permission (written preferably) 
from these companies to use their logos on the site.

>And yea, any general comments and critiques are welcome. Thanks guys.

The grey on grey is somewhat hard to read. Specifically the copyright 
notice and the smaller body text on the Performance page.
You've got a typo on there too. "Suspsension" - third bullet point, second box.


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