[thelist] simple method for uploading CSV files to MSSQL

Ken Schaefer ken at adOpenStatic.com
Tue Aug 5 00:04:00 CDT 2003

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From: "Paul Cowan" <evolt at funkwit.com>
Subject: Re: [thelist] simple method for uploading CSV files to MSSQL

: > In addition, the Bulk-Logged Recovery model only allows the database to
: > recovered to the end of a transaction log backup when the log backup
: > contains bulk changes. Point-in-time recovery is not supported.
: Well, that's a bit nicer, but still...
: OK. So we'll amend the tip to say that under certain circumstances,
: bulk-copy operations can still be non-logged (or minimally-logged). If
: they're non-logged (the previously-stated conditions in SQL 7; same,
: but with SIMPLE recovery mode in 2000), you can't backup your transaction
: logs after such an operation.

I'm still not sure I agree with you here:

If you have "simple" recovery mode in SQL Server 2000, then you can't use
your transaction logs to restore any data. That's what "simple" logging is
for. So, there's not much point backing up your transaction logs since they
are not used.

If you have bulk-logged, you can recover your data *but* during the backup
process you need to have access to the actual data files (not just the log
files), and you can't do a point-in-time restore

And, if you are using full recovery, you can recover to just about anywhere.


PS Where is the stuff about requiring "the non-replication, non-trigger,
and TABLOCK-hinted conditions to be met" in BOL? I can't seem to locate it.

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