[thelist] serverside converter mp3-->real audio

elin tjerngren. artopod elin at artopod.se
Tue Aug 5 01:38:38 CDT 2003


> > Does anyone know of an audio converter (mp3 to real audio) that can be
> > placed as a cgi-program (or such)? I'm looking for a way to let people
> > upload files in mp3 files to a server (site already built in PHP) and out
> > comes a link to a real audio file.
> This will result in (possibly unacceptable) quality loss, over and above
> what either MPEG layer 3 or RealAudio will have by themselves. Were you
> aware of this?
> -- 
> Shawn K. Quinn

Almost all of the files right now are converted manually by my client from 
mp3 to real audio - so we are aware of the quality loss there. In this 
case the quality loss is less of a problem than the space it takes up on 
the server!

/Elin, http://artopod.com

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