[thelist] CMS for products, spec sheet

Jay Blanchard jay.blanchard at niicommunications.com
Tue Aug 5 07:05:06 CDT 2003

O.K. Probably what I need is a small ecommerce software with integrated 
article CMS. I haven't seen any CMS like that. What I've seen are 
either focused on article publishing (MT, PHP Nuke, etc) or are a 
standalone ecommerce software such as OS Commerce. I probably need 
both, integrated.

Any ideas?

How do you feel about rolling your own? You can start with [shameless
plug for an as yet unfinished and now in dire need of a rewrite series]
the ABC's of CMS at...


P.S. Can someone at Evolt fix the CSS that seems to hang IE browsers?
(Most noteably the IE6 browser) THANKS!

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