[thelist] css help

Cheryl Amato camato1 at gl.umbc.edu
Tue Aug 5 13:08:47 CDT 2003

i'm attempting to do my first site using css & not tables for
layout - i've
used css for formatting text in the past but this is certainly the most
ambitious project to date

my problem is the side navigation - i would like a 15 px padding on the
left so that any links that are longer than 2 lines will have both lines
of text 15px from the screen edge - if i use the padding-left attribute,
the gray column extends into the content area by 15 px - if i use
text-indent, only the 1st line is indented - at this point i don't know
what else to try

also, i realize i did use a table on the top navigation - it was the only
way i could keep the outlines the same size for all links ;-)

i am working on a mac & have tested in safari, ie 5, and netscape 7 - in
netscape 4x it looks horrible but that is not really a target audience (as
per the client) - this version has not been tested on a pc

the url for viewing is:

i have also posted to the webdesign-L list so apologize to all who
receive this twice


cheryl amato

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