[thelist] Client doesn't know his audience

Dan Romanchik dan at danromanchik.com
Tue Aug 5 13:24:02 CDT 2003

Make sure you get paid upfront. Unless the client is very lucky, they're not
going to be around long if they don't know who they're trying to reach.

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> Hi people
> What happens when you ask a client about his/her audience for their
> website and they say "I dunno, everybody"?
> So many design issues hinge on knowing the audience (the whole interface
> design, usability, accessibility, type of computer, language, technical
> abilities, all that stuff). If the client blanks you, what then? On a site
> I'm working on at the moment, I've made up my own profiles based (it can
> only be) on a mixture of my own prejudices and experiences .. that can't
> be good. I guess there are marketing libraries that maybe profile
> audiences for particular products. But what do you do in that situation?
> I'm just kinda curious because it's just struck me, many of the interface
> design area texts say "you have to know your audience" and they tell you
> how to profile the audience "you need their age, sex, shoe size", etc. but
> they don't seem to tell you how to get the info you need before you slice
> and dice.
> J
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