[thelist] JS Snippet needed

CDitty mail at redhotsweeps.com
Tue Aug 5 15:41:45 CDT 2003

I think this is what I need, but I have a question.....  Since I am 
comparing the date microtime(seconds), won't I need to compare it in 
seconds too?  Won't the different always be less if I don't?  ie.....now 
is/was 1060115992818.  If I compare that to the diff with is 2, it will 
always be less than that..  Just asking for clairfication to make sure my 
brain is screwed on correctly today.  :)


At 01:52 PM 8/5/2003, you wrote:
>function compareDates(date, min, max)
>         var now = new Date().getTime();
>         var then = new Date(date).getTime();
>         var diff = (then - now) / 86400000;
>         var valid = true;
>         if (diff <= min || diff >= max) {
>                 return true;
>         }
>         return valid;
>Is that what you're looking for?
>You pass it any valid date...
>new Date("Month dd, yyyy hh:mm:ss")
>new Date("Month dd, yyyy")
>new Date(yy,mm,dd,hh,mm,ss)
>new Date(yy,mm,dd)
>new Date(milliseconds)
>And you pass it the least days and the most days and it returns true or 
>Christopher Ditty wrote:
>>Does anyone have a javascript snippet that checks if a date is within X 
>>number of days?  ie....Date must be atleast 2 days out and no farther 
>>than 90 days out.  I've done some searching but haven't found anything 
>>usable yet.
>>08/05/2003, 10:42:18 AM
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