[thelist] Demographics and market research (was The Client Doesn't Know His Audience)

Janet Green JGreen at desmoinesmetro.com
Tue Aug 5 16:43:38 CDT 2003

Below are a few links I've come up with that look promising as far as being resources for demographic and marketing info. I do note that some of the info isn't free, like the articles in American Demographics. (That pub is available in my public library, however, so that would be my next step if I really wanted to read it.)  I haven't looked at any of these thoroughly, but I would return to them if I was looking for info on a particular audience, and see what I could dig up. 
You know, another thought: if you talk enough to the client and begin to narrow down who the audience is, you could always assemble a group of them and ask them questions about their web usage and habits BEFORE you sit down to design the site - show them some sites, see what colors they like - do your own independent research. Or just think of someone you know who fits the demographic and ask THAT person for some feedback. (Or draw on your ad agency/marketing savvy contacts...) You might be making a guess with your design, but at least it will be a somewhat educated guess. 
http://www.wilsonweb.com/cat/cat.cfm?page=1 <http://www.wilsonweb.com/cat/cat.cfm?page=1&subcat=mm_Demograf> &subcat=mm_Demograf

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