[thelist] Can you open a url with a cgi script?

Richard Bennett richard.bennett at skynet.be
Tue Aug 5 18:19:23 CDT 2003

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<From: "Diane Soini" <dianesoini at earthlink.net>
<Is there a way to read the contents of a document on another server from a
<cgi script on a server that doesn't have the LPW module installed? All the
<examples I can find on the web use this module, but our crabby admin won't
<install any modules.

Yes, IO::Socket for one, but you probably won't have that either...
You can also install your own perl modules, as long as there's no C code
Just make a folder in your cgi bin, make the IO or LWP directory in that,
and drop the required modules in them.

>On another note, regarding this issue:
>That is not really a solution. It may fix it, but I don't know anybody who
<would be willing to do that sort of thing other than people like us. (And
<I'm actually one of the unwilling.)
<Sadly, the bottom line is that your pre-fixed view through your browser
<with all the broken images is what most people are likely to see.

I can't test it, but I'm pretty sure making the images unique on the page
should solve the problem.

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