[thelist] linux server redistribute disk space

Liam Delahunty ldelahunty at britstream.com
Tue Aug 5 18:00:30 CDT 2003

Richard Bennett Sent: 05 August 2003 23:34

>I have remote root access to our Linux Redhat 7.1 server, and could use

>Our disk looks like this:
>Filesystem           1k-blocks       Used     Available   Use%  Mounted on
>/dev/hda5             381139      244083       117378    68%    /
>/dev/hda1               46636           5955         38273    14%    /boot
>/dev/hda3        17781232       120864  16757116    1%      /home
>none                     256416                  0       256416    0%
>/dev/hdb1        18982764     1258876  16759588    7%      /usr
>/dev/hdb2             256665       236623           6789     98%   /var

>Our webserver is on var/www/htdocs, but /var has run out of space.
>I'm trying to upload 500 megs of PDFs to the server.

The /var directory is for "Adminsitive files, such as log files, used by
various utilities" (Running Linux O'Reilly) that also means things like
print jobs, mail, system accounting...

Becuase logs are (normally) in /var/ and can expand unpredictably I'd
suggest that you may want to think about moving the web directory over to
/home/ but I don't really know anything in particular about Red hat which
may have specific requirements, (though I doubt it). IIRC I think openBSD
has it's apache in /var/... so it's not unusual.

Anyway, seeing as you look like you are using apache, you may be able to
just change the httpd.conf DocumentRoot to /home/www/ which would be fairly
easy, or perhaps you could make a sym link? Either for the www folder or for
the logs.

>Is it possible to redistribute diskspace from /home to /var, without

Do you mean a non destructive repartition? I don't think so under Linux...

>Alternatively, can I put my pdfs on /home, and create a link from /var so
>they are visible from the web?

If you mean a href link, <a href="/home/files">here then no, they won't be

Kind regards,

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