[thelist] Site check

rudy rudy937 at rogers.com
Tue Aug 5 21:23:26 CDT 2003

> I would like to request a site check for [www.psyndi.com] a Flash-enabled
> site with detection and options. Please tell me your thoughts.

my first impression was not favourable

"low-bandwidth version coming soon"

okay, then i went back in with flash turned on

i got a horizontal scrollbar  (win ie6 800x600 maximized)

the "what we do" section has a cute popup nav bar, but the nav item for the
page you're on should be deactivated -- it was quite confusing to click on
what looked like a link and see nothing happen

the "look ma!" page has a totally different nav bar, maybe should be
consistent with the previous one

i clicked through to one of the sites in the portfolio, but when i clicked
Back i am dumped back to the entry page -- i friggin HATE that -- any way
you can actually let the visitor come back to where he was?

what jar?

personally i find flash text really hard to read, because it's anti-aliased
("fuzzy") -- can you sharpen it up a bit?

the graphic of the tree is really nice, and the leaves and butterflies are
also cute (but maybe turn them off automatically after a while)


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