[thelist] Site check

Steve Lewis nepolon at worlddomination.net
Tue Aug 5 21:51:05 CDT 2003

Pall Musaev wrote:

>Please tell me your thoughts.
It's pretty, it wasn't broken.  Rudy had a number of good points about 
navigation etc, all of which I also encountered and disliked.

If I have flash, just open the site in flash for me.  I hate spash pages 
and this makes the Flash movie more conspicuous than it needs to be as 
the absolute first impression.

I was entertained by your 'website design services' copy.  I am in a 
Flash-required website, where there is no compelling reason for the use 
of Flash other than to impress those who recognize the specific 
technology, and see "we ... have the silent slogan /functionality 
first/."  While I understand the point of tooting your horn, making 
first impressions, and demonstrating your training and talent, the irony 
entertains me. 

If you want to assert that the Flash plugin has sufficient market 
saturation to be considered standard hardware, and if you want potential 
clients to consider investing in Flash-driven web applications, you 
might add some more copy somewhere (under Flash apps?) stating this.  I 
also found 'Flash apps' in the menu to be disjointed from the rest of 
the menu items and would suggest 'interactive multimedia' or 
'interactive apps' or something that doesn't mandate capitalization.

Finally, I felt like you were selling yourself short in the details for 
each project under 'look ma!'  Transitional XHTML what?  Why do 
potential clients care?  Clean and appealing show up alot, but those are 
designer's ideals, not necessarily the ideals of potential clients (that 
is, before you explain to them why that is better than the alternative).


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