[thelist] Client doesn't know his audience

john at johnallsopp.co.uk john at johnallsopp.co.uk
Wed Aug 6 04:39:43 CDT 2003

> It's gotta be out there - the pubs I mentioned in my
> other post (American Demographics, Consumer Insight, etc.), Googling for
> marketing/consumer phrases, etc. - now I'm going in circles, and I'm
> curious so I'm headed over to Google.

:-) Did you find much? I looked at the other link that was posted, and
that looked kinda promising. I have a book on colour psychology. The area
just seems not to be fully covered.

I guess we just do what we can, and I absolutely agree that it's our role
to do it, I was just wondering how far people push.

I worked in marketing for ten years so I'm completely with you on what you
said before, it's cracking stuff. My problem came from a client who really
didn't seem to know and I came up blank for how to work it out.

One thing I learned from my marketing days was that you were only ever
called in to companies whose marketing wasn't very good. That's the point.
If it was good, they wouldn't need you. They call you in because there's a
problem. So it must be with the web .. we exist partly to help the clients
who don't know what their target market is. If they knew, they'd probably
have a load of other things sorted too and wouldn't have called us in the
first place :-)

Of course, persuading them that this is all worthwhile is whole different
thing :-)


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