[thelist] Copyrights created as an employee (WAS: Charging for copyrights)

Cake cake at brothercake.com
Wed Aug 6 09:53:51 CDT 2003

John Handelaar wrote:

> No.  If you're an employee the right defaults
> to the employer unless stated otherwise in your
> contract (unless, interestingly, you don't have
> a written contract yet). Take legal advice
> though, because obviously if I were a lawyer
> I wouldn't be in here :-)
> I recommend www.briffa.com, specifically Alex
> Chapman, if you need a lawyer with knowledge in
> 'our' area.

Well as it happens ... I've just left a job, and even though I was there
for nearly 3 years, I never actually had a written contract of

I think legal advice may be in order ... Thanks for the recommendation.


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